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Lotus tubers
will ship starting in March.
The Hardy Marginal and Lilies late March to
early April.
Tropical Marginal and Lilies mid May.
* All shipping times
are weather permitting.

We have many above ground and below
ground ponds that hold our Water Lilies, Lotus,
and other
aquatic plants
, and  during the growing season it is a profusion of
beautiful colors, and wonderful fragrances. 

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Pond gardeners can’t get enough of the
the myriad of colors and shapes of both Water Lily
blooms and the lily pads, and the lush green
vegetation that grows along the waters edge or the graceful beauty of a Lotus
held upright above the water, which not only delight the senses but
sooths them as well. When we started our water lily
we decided we wanted to help our customers to enjoy all the beauty and
grace of having a water lily pond. Whether it is a
small pond or a large one.

We would like to thank you for your
interest in our company.  If you have any questions or
suggestions please
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are always striving to better serve our
customers.  We want to make sure you
will get the best prices and service, and most importantly that you will enjoy
water gardening .